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What App Used On Your Mobile

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Are you concerned to know it quickly?


There are so many questions about your mobile security and privacy. Individuals are very conscious regarding data protection. Many are using intellectual codes and some are using pattern lock. Furthermore, what if one of your family members or close friend ask your mobile for some time?

In these days, everyone using mobile phone hence it is iOS or it is Android. Data is also very important to keep safe. Some are taking photos and selfies of their happy moments. Therefore, some peoples hesitate to share any other app data to someone else. Nevertheless, when somewhat of our families or companions ask for our phone. Refusal can make them painful, thus we give it away undesirable.

However, we have this doubt in our heart, that what app they are using, what are they doing? Somewhere in the picture, you are not penetrating; wherever they do not understands about your secrets. Without a doubt, we will share something special to you to discover out all these belongings. That allows you to spot that in your phone when and for how much time a mobile app had used.

What and Where to DownloadYourHour

With the Google Play Store, download the app “YourHour” know about all the apps using time on your mobile, and build your confidence.

Using of App

Download this app and after issuing the necessary instructions, you will get the option “Time Up” that, when clicked, you will see a box of “Sneak” through the App clicking on it. A list will open with the name of all the apps in use, and click on the name of any application you need to know and find out all information about when, at what time, which app used. How long is viewed and whether how much time spent on it?

You can also try this method and be aware of the contents of your mobile.

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