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A Helicopter Drone that Fires a Chemical Bomb

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A Helicopter Drone that Fires a Chemical Bomb

The Chinese company has developed a drone. That can drop a bomb in a dense forest in the event of a fire and drop a flame at 50 square meters. The devastating Amazon and Australian forest fires last year forced the world to think a lot. In the same context, the Chinese company has developed a drone helicopter equipped with fire extinguishers. Furthermore that can cool the flames by going deep into the jungle. This drone helicopter can fly without a human being. To its right and left are two bomb-shaped cylinders with a fire extinguisher.


The Chilling UAV Company has developed the drone helicopter and this model named JC-260. To the right and left of the helicopter fire extinguishers that could drop simultaneously or separately. A canister can fire at least 50 square feet of forest. The helicopter drone is equipped with rotor petals to carry heavy bombs. As Well as that each of which has a diameter of more than three and a half feet. It has a 34 horsepower engine that allows it to travel 100 km / h. Once refueling, the helicopter can fly for three to four hours continuously. It has a sophisticated camera mounted on it that any expert on the ground can detonate with a remote control. In addition, with the press of a button, it can drop a firearm bomb.

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