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Henna Designs, Mehandi Designs, Know about Henna

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Know about Henna

Henna or Mehndi used especially in Wedding, Eid, Christmas, and Dewali as well as in social functions. Henna, also famous as Mehndi in Urdu & Hindi, Mailanchi in Malayalam and Hebrew called it Hinah. It’s peroxide primed from the Lawsonia Inermis plant, apart from this recognized as Hina. The Egyptian privet, the Henna tree, and the mignonette tree are the solitary kinds of the species Lawsonia.

It also denotes to the dye traditional from the Henna plant. The drawing of short-term tattooing created on those colorants. Henna has been using for the years to color hair, skin, fingernails, etc. as well as stuffs comprising leather, wool, and silk, etc.

Henna’s plant breeds in the hot temperatures of Africa, Northern Australia, and Southern Asia. It contains a colorant called lawsone that syndicates with proteins to source of tint. Furthermore, the reason for discoloration supremacy the Henna used during the ages.

Benefits of Henna

The greatest vital health paybacks of Henna contain its aptitude to relieve headaches, cleanse the body, develop nails growth, guard the skin, enhancement of hair strength, and calm the body, decrease irritation, and rapidity healing.

Special Precautions & Warnings

Henna measured to be RISKY when taken inside. Unintentionally swallowing henna needs early medicinal care. It could origin abdominal troubled and other lateral effects.

How to guarantee a nice stain: 

  • Give time it to dry
  • Leave as long as possible (overnight is best)
  • Warm your hands (with steam, heating pad, or a blowdryer)
  • Do not use water for taking it off (scrub it)
  • Apply coconut oil on it before bathing
  • Avoid chlorine, saltwater, dish soap, bleach, other cleaning materials, and any other harsh chemicals

Get Ideas for Henna Design

It is an inflexible mission to apply henna without some sample. But you can get many designs from a range of places. Henna designs handbooks available in the markets as well as on the internet. If you like, any design you can amend it as you want. It is like cooking; the more you practice the more you learn and improve.

Fancy Henna Design 

Ladies of all ages use henna for prettiness. For a sensational look, it is applying in a fashionable technique and beautify with beads and further fancy material. Some special ideas for innovative touch to your henna designs use glitter and beads or stones.

Types of Designs of Mehndi / Henna

  • Arabic
  • Indian
  • Pakistani
  • Hand Designs
  • Finger Designs
  • Palm Designs
  • Feet Designs
  • Leg Designs
  • Eid Designs
  • Bridal Designs
  • Kids Designs
  • Black Henna Designs
  • Simple Designs
  • Jewelry Designs
  • White Henna Designs


What is Henna, and in what manner does it work?

Henna leaves stain your skin and similar to turmeric. When the Henna paste dries on your skin, the color changed to dark brown or black color. Finest quality Henna’s color stays for few hours to a few days and the resultant stain is firstly a bright carroty. It progressively oxidizes to dark red-brown later nearby 48 hours. It might be approximately black in firmly color zones and wherever skin is heaviest. Air oxidizes the henna dye much as it does an apple. Henna enters only the upper few coatings of skin, so as your skin flakes, off accordingly does the henna pigment. Whatever marks it temporarily associated with an everlasting ink tattoo.

Is Henna Safe?

Normal pure henna is safe and used as a natural form of the body drawing for uncountable years. It mixed with water, sugar and other oils to develop the appropriate reliability for body art.

It is exceptionally unusual for somebody to have a contrary reaction to henna. Some individuals might be allergic to those other ingredients used in making the paste, usually the essential oils. You must constantly inquire about the drawer about the ingredients in their content.

Is Henna Beneficial but How?

Henna has been entitled “healing” for many grounds. Inhabitants adore utilizing henna to make henna round off for persons who have practiced hair fall at some stage in chemotherapy. Several individuals have portrayed their experience as “curing”, “empowering”, and “balmy”.

Henna also has a breezy outcome on the skin. Various people have initiated it to be an effectual aid from HFS/PPE (Hand-Foot Syndrome), which is a hurting outcome of a lot of medical treatment. Henna is an exceptional provision for the skin and power for the hair. Note down that natural Henna (Lawsonia inermis) qualities are different from many henna hair dyes found in the market with many other ingredients.

Design staying Time?

Somewhere it lasts about 1 to 3 weeks, as many reasons are involved. Hot body warmth also helps to darken the color of henna.

I never get good henna stains even though do I take good care of them, how come?

Superior class henna is also a matter for good stains. Apart from this, Henna should use it within a few days as it has a small shelf life. Maybe one of the reasons is that the henna was old.

How to take good care? 

It just left for almost 6 to 8 hours after that do not wash it instead of scrape off.

What if I get a suntan or sunburn while I have henna on my skin?

Actually, it blocks sunlight and will stop that region from burning and tanning.

How to care about design?

The quality of the product and after applying skin aftercare provides great results.

How do I remove henna?

Keep in mind presently no products exists in the market that can take it away from the body. However, some other stuff can get rid of henna stain or can lighten it dye. Do not be in a hurry as henna color is normal and it acquires time to take away.

Here are some tips that eliminate it naturally.


Apply toothpaste on the dye, after dry massage softly, and rinse.

Olive Oil

In olive oil add some salt and marinate a cotton bead after that rub it on a tattoo, and leave it for at least ten minutes.


Bleaching is watchful one of the efficient techniques to remove henna stains. Get regular bleach and rinse with the usual water.

Lemon Juice with Baking Soda

Make a baking soda and lemon juice paste. Apply this mixture over henna and leave until dry entirely. Rub it and wash it with warm water, after that apply some lotion or moisturizer because it can dry your skin.

Warm Water

Warm water fades its color, just dip hands in water and rub gently.


In a bowl add some hot water and chlorine and dip your hands for two to three minutes.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Use hydrogen peroxide with a cotton bead and gently rub on tattoo.

Salted Water

Marinate your hand in the bowl of salted water for 15 minutes; it will help to diffuse its color and fade it quickly.

I hope that some of the henna removing method will be for you.


This is general instructions, if you have some allergy then contact your physician before using Henna or applying anything for removing henna color.


Some Designs:

Henna12Henna16Henna17Henna18Henna10Henna11Henna5Henna3Henna19Henna7Henna2Henna15Heena 1Henna6Henna14Henna20

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