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Hackers Hack People’s E-Mail Accounts

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Hackers hack people’s e-mail accounts using fears of public outbreaks

It all happening with one click.

As the Corona virus started to spread in all over the world, hackers assumed it through and even quicker illegal acts to spread computer viruses. Since the Corona virus outbreak textured in the media headlines. The investigating incidents began of cyber-security entities by emailing people. This review revealed that hundreds of criminal acts in which millions of emails sent.

This is nothing new, given the scrutiny of e-mail accounts by news reports. But information security experts say the aggravation of these operations appears to be clearer than Covid-19 and the severity of it over the past several years. Most of all.

Cyber criminals are also targeting people, industries, transport, health, insurance, hosting and trading companies by sending emails in different languages, English, French, Italian, Japanese and Turkish.

It is difficult, to accurately estimate, the severity of this global outbreak of emails, but there are some ways to detect them.

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In February this year, a strange e-mail sent from researchers at Proof point. It contained a message from a mysterious doctor claiming that he had a document containing details of a corona virus vaccine that the government of China and Britain were trying to hide.

According to Proof point, when the recipients of this email click on it, a ‘Sign’ page opens up which looks quite ordinary and harmless but made up of criminal hackers. This page transfers all the ‘login’ details to the user.

Proof point says they observed that two million emails sent simultaneously.

Sherwood said, the Proof Point’s Theater Research Detection team official. “We have seen waves of corona virus-infected emails for 35 successive days. Mostly attracting people to click, taking advantage of the fear factor.” He said that in the beginning, such an action seen in the day, but now the number has increased to two to three. This shows that the criminal elements of these operations are getting some benefit. Is.

It is very easy to know where these links are coming from. All you have to do is place your pointer over it and its ‘URL’ will appear. If you see anything suspicious, do not click it.


WHO: This gesture can save you

Hackers have been introducing themselves to the WHO (World Health Organization) since the outbreak.

Experts say that those who download it by their frauds do not receive any important information. In addition, their computers are prone to malicious software called ‘Agent Tesla’s Lager’.

Proof point states that once this malicious software comes into your computer. All the records you type in will be left in the fingers of hackers and after that, they could reach to your online banking and other accounts.

To avoid this fraud, ignore all such emails coming in the name of WHO. Although, instead go to the authorized website of the company or look at the social media channel if you need any information.


HMRC: You are being tax-exempt to avoid Cody 19

In the UK, the name of the tax collector, HMRC, used to trap people

This is just a bit of a reversal of the acts that have been going on in the UK for many years by satire crime groups. Experts at cybersecurity firm say they already know a couple of weeks ago about seemingly plausible fraud actions.

The company says that on the day, they caught the first email; more than 200 such emails received in a few hours.

If someone falls into the trap and clicks on it, it takes them to a page on HMRC where they succeed in convincing the user to put all their banking and financial information.

The head of e-crime at MemCast says don’t reply to any email that is related to your financial information or click on any link that looks suspicious.

The Virus Is Now Up In The Air

The criminal acts under this title are not only astonishing but can also frighten you.

In its title box, written that Covid-19 is now in the atmosphere. This email will indicate that it issued from the Centers for Disease Control. The company that first detected the fraud says hackers are using fear and anxiety as a weapon.

Experts say the link takes users to a fake Microsoft login page where they forced to give a password to their email. The hacker then gets control of your email.

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