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Tokyo Olympics Organizers Worried About Delays

tokyo olympics 2020
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Tokyo Olympics Organizers Worried About Delays

TOKYO Organizers worry about the loss of the Tokyo Olympics Games delay. Yoshiro Mori Says, president of the 2020 Games Management Committee, “The biggest challenge for us now is the delay of the Games.” How to compensate for the financial loss. According to the British media report, president of the executive committee of the Tokyo Olympics Games 2020, has told the international federations that he is considering paying heavy bills from the postponement of the Games. This will be the biggest challenge for us, the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The Japanese government have postponed the Tokyo Olympics Games because of the worsening global situation caused by the Verona virus. olympics 2020

These games scheduled in Japan from July 24th to August 9th, 2020. According to a preliminary program, delaying games in peacetime in the 124-year history of modern games. This is the first time to go. Japan has invested $ 12 billion to ensure the successful conduct of the Games, and delays in the Games certainly expected to increase its costs. Mori said at 33 International Sports Federations.

“The postponement in holding games is also unavoidable; we have to think that How to bear the liability of these extra costs. This will be the biggest challenge for us; Mori hoped that the Tokyo Olympics Games and Paralympics Games would play by next year. With matters associated to the Tokyo Games management committee pending has also set up a task force to tackle issues such as setting new dates for games and securing venues. Sports activity has stopped all over the world due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

However, the Olympics but most importantly, football leagues around the world banned to avoid the spread of the virus.

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