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Avoid Installing WhatsApp Gold, or Otherwise!

Whatsapp Gold
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Avoid installing WhatsApp Gold, or otherwise!

WhatsApp Gold is a premium service delivery service that says it’s the version that is available to advertisers. Nevertheless, it’s not true, it is a virus which is expected to be used to hack users’ accounts.

According to Tech Radar’s report, in the time of global outbreak Corona, some constituents being working on spreading the software.

The WhatsApp Gold fraud has been occurring in various locations around the world for a long time. Now, recently came up with a few other fraud messages. A message is currently circulating the world in WhatsApp. It warns that a video Martinelli will reveal tomorrow which would hack your phone. The note reads, “Every person who uses the WhatsApp circulate this message that an observer has informed that a video Martinelli is appearing in the WhatsApp tomorrow.

Never open this video otherwise it will hack the phone and after that, it will be impossible to take control. It also says ‘If you get a message that WhatsApp updates Quotes app Gold, then do not click, this virus is very dangerous, please inform everyone’

If you receive this message, avoid clicking on the upgrade link but rather deleting the message immediately. Remember that there is a version of the WhatsApp that is already on your cell phone and updates it automatically.


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