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Can You Suffer From Covid-19 Again After Recovery?

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Can you suffer from Covid-19 again after recovery?

In the world where the number of victims of Covid-19 is growing day by day. More than one million people recovered from the affected individuals. However, some patients have recurred the Corona virus after recovery. In a patient with a common cold like a contagion, the immune organism usually develops for such diseases. On the other hand, the corona virus is different.

A 70 years old Corona patient in Japan is the man who helped doctors to know the disturbing facts in this regard. In Tokyo in February 2020, the patient isolated after Corona confirmed it. NHK says the man returned to his daily life after recovering, but he fell ill again and had a fever. He returned to the hospital and was shocked to find that he had the Corona virus again. Apparently, the incidence of corona virus recurrence after recovery in patients is not high but a significant number have happened.

Viral Rebound

At least 14 percent of patients who have recurred the Corona test after recovery diagnosed. A virologist, at the National Center for Biotechnology in Spain says it is not a new infection but a return to the virus. Furthermore, it probable in some cases the corona virus infected person is developing immunity against it, in some people it is not enough. Alternatively, the immune response weakens, the virus hidden somewhere in the body put back to work.

The virus can remain in the body

Some viruses are ones that can halt in the body for three months or longer.

When a person is recovering after infected with Zero Positive, it assumed that the person has developed immunity against it. However, despite the recovery, some of the triggering of the infection is in the tissue of the body. The rest not encountered by the body’s defense system.

There is something in Covid-19 that has left scientists in a dilemma. There is short interval between a patients recovering from coronas after he recovers.

Scientists suffer from dilemma

We know that different immune systems have different strengths.

If a child vaccinated once in a disease like measles, it is usually enough for a lifetime. However, experts say people of a certain age must re-vaccinated. There are viruses against which vaccines are not so effective, so we have to use them repeatedly. Besides this, there are vaccines like the flu or the flu vaccine, which you have to get every year as the virus changes. Since Cod-19 is a new virus, scientists are trying to figure out why there is so little time between healing and re-infecting infections.

Isidro Martins of the Carlos Three Institute of Health in Madrid says although Corona’s re-infestation may occur, such a short interval is strange.

Contrariwise, an individual improved from virus probable again be infected with the similar virus that he recovered from, as far as we know, the corona not change much like the flu virus.

Temporary acceleration

In addition, people who confirmed with Cod-19 again after recovery are experienced a temporary uptick before the infection is cured.

However, both researchers warn that further research needed to understand COVID-19.

The Inter-American Health Organization stated we are learning something new about every day, so the reason for the re-infected cases not said with certainty.

However, science struggling to find an answer so that administrations around the world tell what steps to take.


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