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How to Increase Immune Power against Corona Virus

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How to Increase Immune Power against Corona Virus

The corona virus has infected millions around the globe. The symptoms of the virus resemble common coughs, nausea but, if not taken carefully, can lead to fatalities. Experts say that the virus can only survive the person whose immune system is strong and who chooses foods rich with vitamin C. Some of the specific nutrients we can use to protect the virus. These will increase your immune system to fight against corona virus. Some general food items are mentioned below to increase immunity power are:-

  •  Amla, myrobalan, Phyllanthus Emblica, Indian gooseberry, emblic, emblic myrobalan, Malacca tree

It is ironic in vitamin C and has antioxidant properties that help to enhance our immune system.

  •  Ginger and Basil Tea to avoid corona 

To avoid from corona, drink ginger and basil tea. Apart from this, it similarly supports to boost your immunity although being useful for colds.

  • Honey, Basil, and Ginger Grinding

Ginger and Basil leaves mixed with honey using as a corona virus prevention. You would consume it two times daily.

  •  Turmeric Milk Add turmeric milk to your diet

It will be best for you in boosting your immune system.

  •  The use of cinnamon and clove

Cinnamon and clove tea is also useful in boosting immunity

  •  Exercise and Yoga At home

You must exercise and do yoga so that you can stay active.

Using these ingredients in the diet will not only increase your immune power but will also help other ailments in the body. At the same time, use as much water as possible so that your throat is not dry and the cough does not develop.

Note: This is general information; access to your doctor before use.


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