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Children’s Engagement in Lock down

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Children’s Engagement in Lock down

Corona virus and social outbreaks around the world have also taken away the mischief of children from school and playgrounds. They are imprisoned in homes where their misdeeds, as well as engagements, are limited.

Children have started painting their own paintings on the walls of houses, which are headache for parents. The Corona virus epidemic has devastated children’s swings. Children are imprisoned in homes as not visiting gardens. It’s the parents’ responsibility to practice math questions in the play area in front of homes or parks in the yard when schools are closed. Local public places are now deserted where the children were crowded.

Children are often forced to spend their time on the windows of homes, with no activity on the streets and roads. Parents are very careful when taking their children out from the home. Gloves are also used along with the mask, so they can protect them from the epidemic.

Children are being trained in every way to prevent Corona so that they can protect themselves from it. Special attention is being given to the screening of children in Canada. In the Chinese city of Shanghai, children are evacuated with extreme caution. The teddy bear among cars in Italy is also waiting for the return of its “owner”.

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