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When The Internet Shuts Down Everything Is Fine

internet shut down
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When The Internet Shuts Down Everything Is Fine

When the internet shuts down, everything is fine. According to statistics collected by Access Now, a digital rights organization. The internet services shut down 200 spells in 33 countries in 2019.

Internet closure problem is not limited to anyone country and these restrictions do not only affect business suspicion. Access to Internet services affects millions of the public in multiple parts of the world in different ways. Government officials can block Internet access to certain areas with Internet-enabled companies. This is also possible if a specific website needs to be blocked.

Governments around the World

Human rights organizations have raised concerns that governments around the world are using the Internet to suppress public sentiment. Statistics show that Internet services interrupted at times when a protest or rally staged in this country. Besides, it also revealed that in 2019, the Internet shut down during 60 demonstrations worldwide and 12 times in elections. Governments often justify the move to protect citizens and prevent the spread of false news. However, critics say it halts the exchange of information online and closes the door on dissent.

The UN announced the approach to the Internet an ultimate human right in 2016. Also included in its Sustainable Development Goals to make it accessible to everyone. Nevertheless, not all world leaders agree with this view. In August 2019, Abiy Ahmed (Ethiopian Prime Minister) announced that the Internet was not water or air and shutting it down was an important means of ensuring national security.

The People Think

However, people are not exactly happy with the government’s claim. According to them, the Internet does not matter to the government. They understand that the world of the Internet revolves around social media. They are not aware of its economic value and do not understand its impact on the economy. According to the 2019 data released by India Internet Blackout. India is far ahead of other countries in terms of disconnecting Internet access.

Whether it is broadband internet or mobile data, New Delhi shut down the Internet 121 times last year. Of these restrictions, 67% applied to the borderline area of ​​Indian Occupied Kashmir. According to statistics, the longest shutdown took place in Chad, Central Africa, where the Internet shutdown began in 2018 and continued for 15 months. In addition, due to the shutting internet in Sudan, the protesters had to make all the contacts without the internet to organize themselves.

The Throttling

The effects of each event are different and estimated by the strictness and period of the outage. Somewhere this restriction is restricted to one area and the Internet blocked throughout the country. Throttling is a way of restricting the approach to the Internet. When the Internet throttled, which is tough to keep track.

The English word “literally” means “gagging” and governments doing to limit the speed of data service to interfere with citizens’ access to information. Doing so reduces the speed of the 4G mobile Internet so that the user goes away in the 2G era of 1990. As a result, video sharing or live streaming becomes impossible.

An example of this emerged in May 2019 when the president of Tajikistan openly acknowledged the throttling of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They said they were at risk of terrorist acts. Russia and Iran counted in countries where the Internet currently tested on systems that are restricted to domestic borders to tighten government grip on the web.

Access Now, the Digital rights group says it looks that most countries are learning from each other. Moreover, using the Internet’s tactics to suppress the voices of critics and to monitor no human rights abuses.


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