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Asthma, Diabetes Patient, Smoker and Corona Virus

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How Much Risk Do Patients Suffer From?

Anyone can get infected with the Coronavirus. But the risk is higher for people who already have health problems or are older.

According to research published in a Journal, elderly people or patients such as hypertension and diabetes at higher risk of getting the coronavirus. The study was conducted on 191 patients from two hospitals in Wuhan, China. Researchers studied people who either died due to Corona or were hospitalized after their recovery.

Among them, 135 patients were from Jinnathan Hospital and 56 from Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital. Among 191 patients, 137 discharged from the hospital while 54 died. Of the total sample, 58 patients had hypertension, 36 had diabetes and 15 had cardiovascular diseases. Patients range in age from 18 to 87 years and most patients were men.

This study investigated the risks associated with serious illness and death. Symptoms of sepsis is one of the top causes of deaths. When older patients admitted to the hospital, with diseases like hypertension and diabetes. However, researchers believe that the interpretation of their results limited, as the given sample size was limited.

People with chronic illness and scared of the coronavirus in such a situation, experts tell you what you can do.

Who is at Most Risk?

If you already have a disease, you don’t need to become infected with the coronavirus sooner than others. However, the infection may be more serious than other patients. It’s observed that elderly people with respiratory disease (asthma). People with weak immune systems or suffering from diabetes and heart disease more likely to infected with this virus. Numerous public get well from a coronavirus infection after a few days’ rest. For many, this can be very serious and in rare cases, it can endanger life. The symptoms are such as colds, diarrhea, coughs, fever and difficulty breathing.

If You are Asthma Patient

People with asthma should take inhalers as recommended by the doctor. This will reduce the risk of an asthma attack by a virus. Take your inhaler with you. If you have asthma, then you may be at risk of getting coronary virus. In this case, please contact the helpline number (provided by the government or your doctor).

About Diabetes Patient

People who have type one & two diabetes can show severe symptoms of the coronavirus.

Head of Care at Diabetes UK Dean Haworth said: ‘Coronavirus or COVID-19 can cause complications in diabetic patients. If you have diabetes and cough, fever, difficulty breathing. Keep measuring your blood sugar and seek the help of a doctor.

According to the UK’s Chief Medical Adviser, the elderly people do not have to separate themselves from their love ones. Loved ones of elderly people need constant care of their health, says Caroline Abraham, Director of the Edge UK Charity. If you have any doubts or confusion about their health, find out more about the helpline.

Already Have An Illness, What impact do Coronavirus?

People with hypertension, respiratory distress or weak immune system should be careful to keep away from the virus. However, the coronavirus also causes respiratory problems. The virus affects the throat, respiratory tract, and lungs. In such a case, if there is any problem beforehand, it can be more difficult to treat. If symptoms of the flu noticed go to the doctor immediately.

If You Smoke in Coronavirus?

Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of the Public Health Charity Ash suggested that people who smoke heavily should quit smoking. Almost all smokers are at higher risk of respiratory infection, so should quit to reduce their risk. They have a doubled risk of developing pneumonia compared to non-smokers. Taking lessons from the Coronavirus situation, quit smoking before things get serious.

Coronavirus treatment is based on helping the patient breathe. Increase the body’s immune system so that the body can fight the virus itself.

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