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What Coronavirus Do with Human Body?

corona virus with body
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What Coronavirus Do with Human Body?

Most people suffering from the disease do not have the same effect and are recovering, but some people have died as a result. So the questions, how this virus affects the body? Why people dying? How the disease treated?

Incubation or Care Period

During this period the virus is catching its spot. Viruses generally take control of your body’s cells by accessing them. The corona virus attacks your body when you inhale it (when coughing nearby). And if you touch your face after touching something or touch something which contains the virus.

First, the virus infects the cells that are in your throat, respiratory tract, and lungs. After that turns them into ‘corona virus factories’ that produce more viruses that affect more cells. You will not be ill at an early stage and most people will not show symptoms of the disease. The duration of the infection is different in the care period and the symptoms appear but it reported on average five days.

Mild Illness

Most people have similar reactions during the illness. This is a common virus for eight out of ten people and its main symptoms include fever and cough. Body aches, sore throat, and headaches are also among the symptoms but these symptoms do not have to be manifest. Fever and flu are reasons by the resistant response in the body. It identifies the virus as a troublesome invader and sends a chemical substance called cytokines all over the body to inform about something wrong. Because this the immune system in the body stimulated but it also causes physical pain, discomfort, and fever.

The corona virus initially has a dry cough (no mucus) and is probably due to the anxiety origin by the virus in the cells. Some people eventually begin to get thick material like mucus, which contains cells that die from the virus. These symptoms could overcome by taking Paracetamol, rest, and high amounts of consuming water. You don’t need a hospital or doctor for this. This phase lasts for a week, with most people recovering at that stage because their immune system contrasts with the virus.

However, some people had a relatively serious condition of Covid-19. We have only known so much about this stage so far. But ground reality observations showed the symptoms of colds, including runny nose.

Severe illness

If the disease aggravated, it means that the immune system over-reacting to the virus. Chemical signals sent to the body cause irritation. However, it must balance very closely. Too many infections cause damage throughout the body. If it were possible to get in the mouth, you would pass through small tubes through the airway and into small air sacs. Oxygen added to the blood and carbon dioxide comes out. But in the case of the sample, these small bags filled with water and begin to breathe and have difficulty breathing. According to data from China, 14 percent of people affected by this stage.

Anxiety Disorders

As estimate, only six percent of people with the disease reached a critical level. That time the body stopped functioning and the chances of death created. The problem is that at this point the immune system starts to rotate uncontrollably and damages the entire body. Because of this, the body goes into septic shock and the blood pressure drops to an alarming rate. This causes the organs to stop functioning or become completely inactive. Inflammation in the lungs causes severe respiratory distress and the oxygen required in the body does not reach. This stops the kidney’s cleansing process and destroys the intestinal tract. A practicing doctor (Dr. Bharat Pankhania) says, “The virus is so infectious and many organs stop working that people end up dying.”

If the immune system fails to control the virus, it goes into every corner of the body, causing further damage. Up to this point, treatment can be very severe, including ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. It is an artificial lung that blood drains from the body through thick tubes, oxygen pours into them and puts it back into the body. However ultimately, the damage goes to death and the organs fail to stay the body alive.

Early Deaths with Coronavirus


Doctors explain how several patients died even with their best efforts. The first two patients in China were previously healthy, while they had long smoked. That’s why their lungs were weak.

The first 61 years old man suffered severe pneumonia with severe breathing problems. His lungs became dysfunctional and his heart stopped functioning, he died 11 days later. The other patient was 69 years old and also had shortness of breath. They tried to survive with the help of machines but this proved insufficient. They died of severe pneumonia and septic shock when their blood pressure dropped.

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