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Coronavirus Exposed America the Most Powerful Country

Coronavirus Exposed America
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How did the Coronavirus exposed America to the most powerful country in the world?

A large number of US citizens have been infected with the Coronavirus. It is strange to see how the most powerful country in the world is in the process of treating the virus. Which declared a political rumor by US President Donald Trump recently.

It is a country that outsiders see as a safe place in every respect and in their desire to live a quiet life here, they risk their accumulated capital all their lives. But within a few days, this country has changed. There have been many deaths from the Coronavirus while a large number of people affected by the virus. No one knows for sure how much worse this situation can be and how long the situation will remain. Many in the United States are afraid of how the world’s greatest power looks internally weak. It is a country that cannot be left without commenting on what is happening in any corner of the world and its leaders do not hold back in demonstrating their power.

Worst-Case Scenario

Former director of the US Federal Security Agency’s Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Tom Friedman, predicts that in the worst-case scenario, half of the population in the United States is COVID-19. The virus can be infected and can kill more than a million people.

The situation in America has reached such a point that now the news is coming that people are returning to their homeland. According to a report, Chinese parents who proudly sent their children to the United States or London to pursue education are now sending them masks and sanitizers or asking them came back home as soon as possible. Until two months ago, China was committed to controlling the virus to prevent the deaths.

President Trump

It is alleged by some constituencies in the United States that it was a time when President Trump’s administration went hand-in-hand, rather than testing and taking preventive measures. President Trump told at the World Economic Forum in Davis in January that we were in full control. He also said that he had full confidence in the information coming from China. It is surprising to see how the multi-day political debate over health care in the United States finally ended with the Coronavirus test.

The Healthcare Agency (CDS) introduced its Coronavirus test system, but the preliminary test results obtained due to manufacturing defects were unsuccessful.

According to reports, due to lack of cotton swabs, gloves and other equipment corona tests are not being performed at the desired speed. As people began to question government actions, President Trump began meetings and conferences and mobilized his administration in front of cameras, which appear to assure full support and role on TV.

Broken America 

US journalist David Wallace Wells talks about President Trump and his administration.  In one of their columns, “Broken America ”, He writes how sad it is that we are living in a world. Where the system held hostage by private companies and charities. Even in times of need, the need for medical care related to the outbreak. What even more egregious of our current system malfunction. The leading medical companies and insurance companies were forced to waive fees or force a joint payment to test. Even if tests are available, many cannot afford it. This is a country where you are at high risk if you do not have insurance.

Health Insurance Issues

Journalist Carl Gibson does not have insurance. They wrote about how horrible it is to live under the Coronavirus. He says that when I went to the doctor in 2013 after falling off a road bike in the US, I never went to a doctor again because of the high fees. After waiting for four hours, the doctor bandaged my arm, prescribed pain medication and advised me to go home. So I had to pay more than $ 4000 for the job. And what I could not see is following me to this day. I can’t rent an apartment or buy a car.

As of 2018, an estimated 27.5 million people in the United States, which make up 8.5% of the population, are without health insurance.

Under pressure from public protests, the US government has legislated to facilitate free tests of the Coronavirus. About five million homeless Americans who live in camps, shelters and streets are more likely to suffer from the outbreak. Coronavirus Exposed America.

Masks and Facts (Exposed America)

Although standing in the White House courtyard. President Trump claims that masks manufactured in the tens of millions, the ground facts radically different. Other groups that may have masks have appealed to donate masks. In an emergency room, doctors have given a marijuana mask, and when they tried to tie these masks, their rubber loose.

According to the report, many doctors in the United States say that they have given only a mask that they using indefinitely. They are cleaning it and using it again. Don’t even know how effective it can be. Hospital staff began using ‘washable lab goggles’ at a medical center in Chicago. Doctors in Brooklyn said they used a mask for a week because of the mask supply being low. Extraordinary news is coming out of the developed country.

Even the US Department of Health (CDS) tried to declare that clothes and scarves should use to cover the mouth because of mask shortage. According to the CDS, if masks not available, then home-made masks may use as a last resort to better care for patients with COVID-19. Those working in the healthcare department were furious over the situation. He says these CDS measures will put him and his family in danger.

In such a situation, when the patient feels difficulty in breathing, then such ventilators become extremely important. The United States currently has 160,000 ventilators, of which 89,000 are currently in stock, and in addition to this, there is a need for more ventilators. But look at the extreme of this situation, preparations often heard in this country. The sale of bunkers sold to get rid of Corona is an example

Outbreak of 1968 and 1918

According to one analysis, if the outbreak similar to 1968. Which caused by influenza A (flu), one million would need to hospitalized. About 38 million need medical care and two million need an ICU. If it was the same as the 1918 flu outbreak. The 9.6 million would need to be hospitalized and 2.9 million would need an ICU. The death toll from the 1968 epidemic totaled more than one million, including about one million Americans. In 1918, the flu infected 500 million people, making up one-third of the world’s population. The outbreak killed 50 million people, of which 675,000 were Americans.

According to the Association of Hospitals in the United States. There are 924,107 beds and 46,825 beds in Medical-Surgical Intensive Care in hospitals across the United States. Although, more than 50,000 beds are available for cardiology and other diseases.

This means that there is a big difference between the number of beds available and the required. Efforts to address this shortfall accelerated.

The US has about 2.8 beds available for 1,000 people. South Korea has more than 12 beds available for the same people. China has 4.3 beds available for 1,000 people. The Trump administration has allocated more than a trillion dollars in the health sector to restore public confidence.

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