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World Records That No One Will Bother To Break

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Unique World Records That No One Will Bother To Break

You must hear the phrase “Records are about to break as soon as they were made”. We often get to see them achieve even when an old world record is broken and a new world record is set. No one will try to break the world records that are going to be mentioned here today. Nor does anyone want to break it, because these are shocking world records. That would not wrong to say some are made brainlessly or some world record established as accidental.

Cutting 48 Watermelons on Stomach

A man named Bipin Larkin has the honor of cutting 48 watermelons on his stomach in 1 minute. These melons cuts with the help of a big dagger. It was certainly a dangerous but stupid process.

Pulling 416,299-Pound Ship Up to 28 Feet

Dr. Kevin Fast has a record of pulling a lot of weight. He also holds a record of pulling a 416,299-pound ship up to 28 feet. This is an extremely difficult task, so there is no chance of breaking this record.

Breaking 48 Toilet Seats

Kevin Shelley set the record for 48 toilet seat breaks in just over a minute.

Reduced 419 Kg Weight

Washington based Jon Brower weighed 635 kg and after several medical problems, doctors reduced his 419 kg through surgery, which is a record.

Striping-off T-shirts While Playing Football

The record for the strip-off the most T-shirts while playing football with the head is Brazil’s Marcelo Ribeiro da Silva. He took off 22 T-shirts while playing football with the head in 2018.

Eating Metal Products

Michel Lotito passed away in 2007 at the age of 57 years; he popularize by eating metal products. He consumed about 9 tons of metal during his lifetime.

52 Times Plastic Surgery World Record

Cindy Jackson is a woman who records the most plastic surgeries. She underwent plastic surgery 52 times on different parts of the face.

World Record of Racing at 981 Km Per Hour

The fastest car accident happened in the United States in 1966 and this car was driving record holder Racer Art Arfons. The car was racing at 981 km per hour at the time of the accident.

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