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Why Keyboard Alphabets are Random?

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Why the alphabets on the keyboard are random?

Most of us use the key board almost every day, whether its the office computer or the smartphone. Conversely, have you interminably questioned why the end keyboards are not in alphabetical order, i.e. ‘A’ followed by ‘B’ and ‘C’ instead of ‘S’ and ‘D’? You may or may not know, but the current keyboard called QWERTY, which made up of six words on the upper left side of it, Dawn says in one of its information reports. Christopher Latham Sholes, one of the original typewriters, invented the keyboard in the 1870s. Nevertheless, why did they put the words in the  layout instead of the alphabetical order?

World First Keyboard

The world’s first keyboard patent listed in 1868, with similar keys to the English alphabet Keys. However, its keys often frozen or jammed, because the characters used were very close to each other. Therefore, it expressed in the idea that because of this difficulty. Christopher Sholes developed the QWERTY keyboard, in which the over-used words transmitted to different locations to avoid mechanical problems. Sholes then signed a contract with Remington, a company that made the keyboard part of its popular typewriter Remington number two. The upper line contains all the words used to write the keyboard.

However, two researchers present a different view of the current console, saying that initially typewriters used by telegraph operators who wrote the message received in the Morse code on the correct alphabetical console. That’s why the designed in such a way that you get confused as you type. Now, whatever the reason, these are adopted from computers to smartphones etc.

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