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Harmful Use of Social Media, Stay Safe

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Harmful Use of Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly one of the many benefits. However, it’s irregular and careless use can be extremely dangerous. We must think what is the purpose of sending a post or video, to others?

  1. If there is important information, or something related to something, is certified?
  2. Any scientific information is certified? If something does not go right, if the actions of others harmed, then what will be the responsibility of the communicator? Alternatively, he might be offended by saying “I just heard it?” The balanced way is probably to look at the source of information you are with comfortable.
  3. Forward is a leading phrase, ‘As I heard it moved forward’ (forwarded as received). It’s saying to myself that I’m not entirely sure of that, you do!
  4. All of us pretty caught up in the benefits of social media. The post is full. If moving a post is of any religious or worldly benefit to me (and I am not compiling the damages described above) then fine. Otherwise, the habit of posting forward will either leave this useful source unattended or waste your time. A WhatsApp group recently discovered that the news of the death of a British prime minister on one channel denied. What is the matter? Now what more could be a waste of time and ability to worry about a person who has not borrowed from me, nor did I benefit from his passing.
  5. Take part in a discussion that I do not know about the alphabet, but instead, keep posting different opinions here and there. What to get from them, around numerous examples specified. Nevertheless, the gesture is enough.


Nobody burns with its fire, but it is difficult to stay safe from its smoke in a fire. It’s a new dimension, a new toy. Scarcely anyone can escape the circle, including the speaker.

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