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How Normal Born Children Better than C Section

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Children Born as a Result of C-Section Differ from Children Born with Normal Delivery.

The birth of a baby is the most beautiful moment of any married couple’s life. They wish that their baby was protected from all kinds of risk and complexity from the first moment of pregnancy to the birth. Increased inability, they are ready to make every effort. Nowadays, doctors take advantage of this weakness of parents. They suggest that the baby be born through C-section instead of normal delivery. In some cases, C-section may be necessary for the life of the mother and the baby. However, in some cases, doctors want to increase their fees.

Its commonly assume that maternity suffers from a variety of complications due to C-section. Thus delivery may pose many health risks to the mother, but few are aware. The babies born as a result of C-section different significantly from those with delivered normally. Furthermore, they have many problems throughout their life.

Here we are going to tell you some of these problems:

Respiratory Problems

Compared to normal delivery, babies who come into the world as a result of C-section have relatively weak lungs. This may cause such babies to move to the nursery soon after birth. The slightest change in the weather can cause these children to suffer from respiratory illness. Moreover, this series runs with these rings for a large part of their lives.

Prone to Allergies

Mothers of babies born as a result of C-section are addictive at birth. As a result, they cannot touch their baby immediately or breastfeed them instantly. According to experts, children are more likely to be allergic to the outside environment and may be more prone to allergies than other children in normal life after they grow up.

Digestive System Weakness

According to the research from the United Kingdom’s University of Birmingham, long research conducted in which a large number of children born. It revealed on the occasion that children who normally delivered to their gastrointestinal tract, therefore, the same bacteria are present inside his mother. On the other hand, babies born by C-section do not contain the bacteria. It may cause digestive problems in the first days of his birth and last for up to nine months.

Lack Of Immune Resistance

Babies who do not receive breast milk after birth or do not receive the mother’s milk, which causes a loss of immune function in their infants and children’s illnesses to grow. That’s why their immune resistance is not as the babies delivered as normal.

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