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Never Leave These Thing In Car or Any Vehicle

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Never Leave A Few Things In The Vehicle, It Can Cause Serious Damage

We usually leave most of our normal use items in the car thinking we will get it out of the vehicle from time to time. But in some cases, this habit can prove to be a major mistake as leaving some things in the car can cause damage. Let’s just tell you about such things –

Medicines in Car

According to the National Institute of Health Madeline, leaving medications in the vehicle is a very dangerous process. Because the temperature inside the vehicle whether hot, cold, or moisture can damage the medications. It is required to be kept at a normal temperature and it is not possible in the vehicle.


Do not leave food items purchased at the supermarket in the summer in vehicles. For the reason that germs increase very rapidly in the hot season instead of cold. Of course, the temperature of the car increase in the sun, vegetables or meat in the car can increase the number of germs.

Spray Paint and Deodorant

Never leave spray paint or deodorant in the car, as the chemicals used in them cannot withstand excessive heat. Due to high temperatures, they can increase the pressure and cause them to burst.

Mobile Phone

One of the major reasons not to leave the cell phone in the car is that if a thief sees it in the car, he must try to break the glasses and doors of the vehicle to obtain it and thus double your damage. Also, extreme weather may damage your mobile phones.

Important Papers

It is good to have a vehicle registration book or papers in the car, but it is foolish to keep other important papers. You may incur heavy losses if these papers are stolen.

Musical Instruments Made of Wood

If the weather is cold and you leave your wood-based musical instruments such as violin or guitar, you are doing it wrong. Cold wind can damage the wood of these instruments and it costs a lot to repair these instruments.

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