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How and Who Made the Lipstick Women’s Favorite

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Who made the women’s favorite lipstick?

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Make-up without lipstick is not possible, because women know that they rarely get out of the house without it. But do you know where it came from? How and who started it?

History of Lipstick

The history of the lipstick dates back to 4500 BC. It was first used in Egypt, and the tradition of lipstick has been going from Egypt to other countries. You would be surprised to find that the first lipstick in the world was made in purple and black with the use of silicone.

Modern Era

In the modern era, lipstick introduced by Paris in 1884 as an important component of makeup. At that time they used well-known models and queen because they were very expensive. And in the meantime, only red was there. In this century, it used only in Egypt and European countries. Then for the first time in 1912, the current form of lipstick introduced at a global fashion exhibition in the Netherlands. This was the time when it was rampant worldwide.  American women than liked it, and since 1913 its use has grown throughout the United States and its regular trade and sales have grown in all countries of the world. Moreover, now it became a vital and most important part of makeup worldwide. Over time, changes in it occurred, and for the first time in 1935, colors other than red became available.

First Lip-gloss

The first Lip-gloss introduced by the German brand in 2012, thus increasing its demand day by day. Lipsticks are available today in dual and 3D shades that are being transported from all over Egypt.

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