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World’s Amazing Places, Where Humans Haven’t Arrived Yet

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World’s Amazing Places, Where Humans Haven’t Even Arrived Yet

Human being leaves his mark, wherever he goes. Whether it is part of the earth or the depths of the sea. Nevertheless, there are still a few places on this planet that are comparatively a small number of human beings seen. That is, it is not equivalent to human beings visiting these places and this is because of desertion or anti-human weather.

Faroe Islands

This 18 island location is located in the Danish Sea between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic.

Jujuy Province

This region of Argentina is located on the border of Chile and Bolivia, The height of the peaks is up to 5 thousand meters, the climate is warm and extremely dry.


Located in Ethiopia, it is thought to be probably the hottest region in the world. The strange color of the place is due to the clay salt and the special type of moss found here, whose mixture produces this color.


The South African country is one of the least populous countries in the world. Furthermore, about a quarter of the world’s leopards live here in the Namib Desert.

Galápagos Islands

The islands of Ecuador have immense popularity concerning particular breeds of animals. Sea lizards, giant turtles, penguins, and whales are includes in these species.

Gangkhar Puensum

It is the highest mountain in Bhutan with a height of 7,570 meters and possibly the highest mountain in the world that no one has ever known.


This is a region in the Philippines that is popular because of its chocolate mountains. There are 1260 specific mountains that scientists have not yet been able to figure out how they finally came to form.

Skeleton Coast

Not many people pass-through of this place in Namibia. Due to the harsh conditions, the Portuguese sailors call it the gates of hell.

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