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Jerusalem The Holy City for Muslims, Jews, and Christians

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Jerusalem The Holy City for Muslims, Jews, and Christians

Jerusalem is the only city in the world that Muslims, Jews, and Christians consider all three sacred.

According to the belief of the Muslims, the Prophet Islam had prayed to all the prophets in the Aqsa Mosque in this city before going to Miraj.

Jews believe that this is where the universe originated, and this is where the Prophet Abraham prepared his son’s sacrifice.

Christians believe that Jesus crucified here and this is where his most holy church is located.

That is why Muslims, Jews, and Christians are fighting for thousands of years to occupy this city.

Jerusalem’s History

Here are some highlight of this The Holy City:

5000 BC:

According to archaeologists, there was a human population in Jerusalem seven thousand years ago. Thus, it is one of the oldest cities in the world.

1000 BC:

Prophet David conquered the city and made it the capital of his kingdom.

960 BC:

Prophet Solomon, son of David, built a temple in Jerusalem called the Temple of Solomon.

589 BC:

Bakht Nasar ransacked the city and deported the Jews.

539 BC:

Cyrus the Great, the Achaemenes ruler, captures Jerusalem and allows the Jews to return.

30 AD:

Roman soldiers crucify Jesus Christ.

638 AD:

Muslims capture the city.

691 AD:

Umayyad ruler Abdul Malik builds the Dome of the Rock.

1099 AD:

Christian Wives capture the city.

1187 AD:

Salahuddin Ayubi (Saladin) defeats the Crusaders and drives them out of the city.

1229 AD:

Frederick II captures Jerusalem without a fight

1244 AD: Muslim recapture

1517 AD:

Sultan Salim I annexes Jerusalem to the Ottoman Empire

1917 AD:

English General Alan B. defeats the Ottomans and enters the city

1947 AD:

United Nations divides the city into Palestinian and Jewish parts

1948 AD:

Israel’s Declaration of Independence, the city divided into Israel and Jordan

1967 AD:

Arab War results in both parts But Israel took over.

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