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How Much Secure are WhatsApp Private Groups

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WhatsApp Private Groups, How Much Secure are?

Millions of peoples created private groups on WhatsApp. They share data on it and don’t know the links of private groups are not secure.

Did you know that the link to join WhatsApp’s private chat groups also appears in the Google search engine?

Anyone can join a group by searching the group name on Google and finding a link to a private group. WhatsApp has a feature where you can invite people to join your private group by sharing a link. Nevertheless, this feature also indexed in the Google search engine. This way anyone can find the link after searching on the internet and join the group even if you do not want to.

“Your WhatsApp groups may not be as secure as you think,” Jordan Weldon, a colleague at DW, pointed out the “bug”.

Weldon and Jane Manchin Wang, who specializes in reverse engineering apps. They also agree that Google only adds such links to its index when a group member shares them online. However, it is also possible to make minor edits to web-links to join groups that are not on Google.

Is Facebook aware of the WhatsApp Matter?

Facebook, the company that owns the WhatsApp, aware of the matter since November 2019, when the company wrote a reply to the user after notified by a user.

In November’s response, Facebook expressed surprise at the presence of links to WhatsApp groups on Google. The company said, “They cannot completely control Google and other search engines.”

Sofia Diego, DW’s Facebook editor, said: “The fact that Facebook aware of this issue since November last year and yet this feature not removed, again shows that Facebook, as always, still prioritizes privacy over its products. ”

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