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Facebook New Video Calling Feature 2020

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Facebook Video Calling Feature

Facebook introduced a new video chat service called “Messenger Rooms” in which up to 50 people can talk at a time. According to the news agency, the new chat service will be accessible via Facebook Messenger and video calls will able to include Internet users who do not have a Facebook account. It is not necessary to have an account and you will not need to download the Messenger app. According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the new tool is part of Facebook’s efforts to provide users with the opportunity to connect via video. Facebook assures that it does not listen to users’ calls and controls people’s privacy. According to Facebook, more than 700 million users make daily audio and video calls on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. In some countries during the Coronavirus epidemic, the calling rates increased to double.

On The Other Hand WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the most popular smartphone messenger for smartphones, has introduced a great feature for users because of the ongoing lockdown across the world due to the Coronavirus. According to media reports, users using WhatsApp can now add up to eight people to an audio or video call group. The app has advised its users to take advantage of the new feature provided by updating the WhatsApp. Previously only four people would join to an audio or video call on WhatsApp.

Zoom’s Subscribers

Recently according to media news, the audio and video calling app Zoom’s customer increased from 10 million to 200 million in recent three months. The total growth of zoom’s subscribers increased dramatically in recent months.  Facebook takes advantage of the epidemic and introduced a new calling feature to everyone.

The growth rate of using social media as well as the internet in the year 2020 increased recoded. It also provides internet companies to increase their wealth.

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