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Google Virtual Workshops During COVID-19

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Google Holds Virtual Workshops for Small and Medium Enterprises during COVID-19

Sign up now and choose one of the 4 dates available in April / May

In 2020, Google has organized virtual workshops for small and medium enterprises during COVID-19. These virtual workshops designed for small and medium enterprises that face unprecedented challenges around the world and always faced with “How do I stay in touch with my customers and staff? Moreover, what methods can I use to get my business up and running? ”Questions. They need to develop new digital skills and become stronger than ever.

Google prepared a free virtual workshop to endorse remote working and digital transformation, as part of Google’s commitment to support businesses. This course developed by the Grow with Google program team and converted COVID-19 to virtual for a limited time.

Choose one of the following dates that suit you best. Sign up for a free workshop that emphases on convenient digital tools as well as tips for small businesses. Also, there are tips provided for those who want to stay in touch with both their customers and employees. The duration of each session is one hour in which Google trainers will train. For your security, these sessions will not be recorded, so do not waste them.

If you cannot attend the virtual workshop? Download the self-study app

Business owners who are unable to attend these workshops can take advantage of the Google Primer app, which contains quick and easy tutorials in just five minutes. Primer offers hundreds of lessons on business, marketing, management, and many other topics. As well as suggests the next steps according to your personal need so that you can use your skills properly.

Also, businesses can find more tips and tricks that can help them grow their business on the Grow with Google website. Regardless of what your business is, such as individual tips to improve your website or new skills and information to better understand your customers, so that your business can grow online.

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