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Telegram Vs WhatsApp

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Telegram Vs WhatsApp

WhatsApp or Telegram You people are very familiar with WhatsApp but did you know that Telegram, which is a Russian application, is much better than that and high profile personalities are moving to it nowadays?

No, let us tell you some of its features.telegram

Secret Chat:

In Telegram, this option allows you to set the time on the chat, how many seconds or minutes later, the message deleted automatically.


Telegram allows you to have 200,000 members in a group, which is 255 in the WhatsApp, which means that large businesses or organizations can use it to organize their workforce.


Telegram has more admin control than WhatsApp. An admin can delete any member’s comment or post. Members can easily search which is not in WhatsApp.

Special Feature:

The special thing about Telegram is that if a member adds a new ad, he can see all the previous posts that are not in the WhatsApp.


Anyone can keep their privacy so that they can hide their name and number at their own will which not all the members can see.


People who are bothered to store their heavy files and data, store all their data here and delete it from the phone, remain in the file’s group which they can view whenever they want.

Telegram Password:

You can set your Telegram password. Even if someone opens your phone, they cannot open the software because it is a separate password.


View the files and videos in the group. Delete them from the mobile gallery. They remain in the group whenever you want.

Overall it is far better than WhatsApp, choice is yours but try it once.

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