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iPhones To Be Hacked and Twitter Turned Off 40404

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iPhones To Be Hacked WHILE Twitter Turned Off 40404 Service

Millions of users’ iPhones feared to be hacked

ZecOps, a San Francisco-based cybersecurity company, has discovered the bug, which it says could make it easier for more than half a billion-iPhone users to targeted by hackers. The company says the flaw is also present in iPads. The security company discovered the flaw in 2019 while it was working on a cyber-attack complaint from one of its clients. Used as a tool during the attacks, the attacks targeted high-profile users from Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

The company says the hacker sent users a blank email on iPhones. As soon as you open it, the mobile system crashes, and the mobile restarts. During the restart, hackers gain access to the data. The company’s chief executive, Zack O’Rourke, says he witnessed the glitch in 2018. It looks like Apple is fixing the glitch. However, a spokesperson for Apple said that the company was aware of this and working on its accuracy, which will soon provide iPhone users with an update. It would part of several large-scale suspicious cyber activities that yet detected. Independent security research has also confirmed the Zac-Ops report.

Twitter Service 40404

Twitter turned off the facility to obtain SMS messages comprising the text of fresh tweets. The social networking site received SMS from users around the world with 40404 tweets of accounts followed via SMS. The company announced in September last year that the service had discontinued in most countries. In the rest of the world, mobile messaging will shut down soon.

A statement from Twitter said that the decision to shut down the SMS service, taken keeping in mind the security of users’ accounts, as it would benefit hackers. Hackers can pick up the information of millions of users for misusing contest. The company explained that even after the SMS service shut down, users would receive important messages on their mobiles, including account logins, among others. Twitter said that the accounts of millions of Twitter users using the SMS service also closed. A company spokesperson told that accounts created with the Twitter SMS service deleted because their details, such as phone numbers, or email addresses, were not available. A Twitter representative said: “We deleted the accounts that were at risk. Another important point is now that the technology can reduce followers of some users.

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