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What Fabric Mask Better Protect Against the Coronavirus?

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What Fabric Mask can Provide Better Protection Against the Coronavirus?

In recent days, experts say that some actions needed to protect yourself from the attack of the Coronavirus. One of which is the use of a mask. Now that the Coronavirus declared an epidemic due to its spread and is spreading rapidly around the world. Experts say surgical masks and N95 masks have become scarce. Therefore, they should left for use by people associated with the medical field and ordinary people should use cloth masks during their transportation.

What Fabric Should Use?

The University of Chicago in the United States has done a lot of research on what kind of cloth should use to make masks. What kind of mask can help to protect against the coronavirus.

The Best Cloth for the Mask

Scientists believe that cotton, silk, chiffon, etc. are fabrics that can be up to 80% effective in protecting against the virus. On the other hand, some fabrics have so thin holes in the middle. Scientists also recommend the use of nylon cloth to protect them from the virus.

Layered Mask

To protect yourself from the coronavirus, you can increase the effectiveness of the mask by applying a layer. Experts believe that even if a cotton cloth used in layers, it can be more effective against the virus. Different types of clothing can also use to prevent this.

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

As well as preparing, it must worn correctly. It worn to cover the nose and mouth and the correct way to wear it is to apply it to the face to suit it. In case of breathing through the nose or mouth, air should enter through the same mask. If air other than the mask is entering during breathing, it means that it not worn properly. Besides, it can put you at risk.

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