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The Best Beaches In The World Where Popular Movies Were Shot

Turquoise Beach
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The Best Beaches In The World Where Popular Movies Were Shot

The beaches in our world are the most fascinating in the geographical features of our planet. Of course, beaches are a top priority for local entertainment because of their beauty. That’s why today we’re going to tell you about some of the best beaches in the world that are located in different countries and attract many tourists.

Turquoise CoastTurquoise beach

Located in southwestern Turkey, this attractive beach also known as the Turkish Riviera. In ancient times, this beach also known as Lycia. This beach is one of the few unpopular beautiful pearls in the Mediterranean.

Antrim CoastAntrim Coast

This fascinating beach is located in the northern part of Ireland and is famous for its natural beauty. This is the beach where the famous TV series Games of Thrones filmed. The strange shaped rocks in the picture add to the beauty that came into being in ancient times due to the eruption of a volcano.

Malabar CoastMalabar Coast

This coast of India elasticity from Goa to the southern angle of India. This beach was also famous for its useful ports. Nowadays tourists also come here because of the sun. This beach Spread out and covers an area of ​​845 km long.

Skeleton CoastSkeleton Coast

This coast of Namibia is a beautiful and interesting beach; there are animal bones and wreckage of ships. The powerful waves of this beach meet the desert of Namibia, this beach also considered to the oldest beach in the world.

Garden RouteGarden Route

This coast of South Africa is fascinating in many ways. It is home to mountains, marine life, and the best for outdoor adventure. As well as the world’s highest bungee jump, this is possible at 216 meters.

Great Ocean RoadGreat Ocean Road

The number of these rocks standing alone on this coast of Australia is 12. Moreover, these rocks are the main reason for the popularity of this beach. It spread over an area of ​​243 km long between the Australian coast Torquay and Warrnambool.

Nā Pali CoastNā Pali Coast

This beach is located in Hawaii and the famous movie Jurassic Park shot at this place. The rocks here are thousands of feet high and there are waterfalls at this place. In addition, the camping experience Proves here is unique and memorable.

Andaman CoastAndaman Coast

The Andaman coast is closer to the southwestern waters of Thailand, but its routes extend from southern Myanmar to northern Malaysia. The coast is also famous for its resorts and islands.

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