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Pointless Pop-up Advertisements That Appear on Mobile

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Do you bothered by pointless Pop-up advertisements that appear on mobile?

Here are two best solutions if you also bothered by pointless pop-up advertisements that appear on mobile.

If you are also an Android user and bothered by the intermittent advertisements on your mobile, then know that there are two best solutions to avoid this problem.

The first method of blocking pop-up ads very simple and will not take much time. An option that hidden in your mobile but you may not be aware of it. First, you need to enter to your mobile settings where there will be an account option. After clicking on the Accounts option, there will be an ADs option. By clicking on it, you can block ads from your mobile.

Secondly, another way is that with the help of an application you can stop junk and annoying ads on your android mobile. The procedure is that first, you go to the Google Play Store and then search for a special application called AdBlock Plus to block ads. You can download this application from a virus-protected website or from the Google Play Store. After downloading the Ad Block Plus app, you will have to install this application in your android device.

After installing, open the app where there is a proxy option. You can turn it on, then click on the filtering option, after which the ad-block application activated in your mobile. The ads will no longer run on the mobile screen.

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