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Features of a Mobile Phone Volume Key Button

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Features of a Mobile Phone Volume Key Button You Won’t Know

We all use mobile, some Windows Phone, some Android phones. However, we only consider the features that we see on the screen. Have you ever thought that the volume button of a mobile phone can do more than sound more or less?

The volume buttons also used for many more options such as turning on the screen, turning off the camera, music player, flash or brightness of the screen, etc.

In addition to all these functions, if you want to use the volume button for more features, you have to download an application “Button Mapper” from the Google Play Store.

Button Mapper is a free app. Once downloaded and the required instructions are OK, you will find a “Go” option on your screen. You will find a single tap, double-tap, and long-press boxes, and when you choose one, you will find new ones. On the screen page, you will find 16 options that used with the volume button.

When you select an option such as Music Play On, pressing the Volume Up button will turn on the Music Play.

Alternatively, you can turn it on or off with the Volume Up button by selecting more options of your choice. This will save you seconds so that you don’t have to search for applications and you can use them instantly.

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