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What Type of Memory Card is Compatible for Your Mobile?

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Memory Card / Micro SD

In this post, we will tell you about memory cards. We usually have memory cards with more space or storage (Made compatible with your mobile) purchased. The consequences can be devastating if the memory card damaged later or becomes useless after a while. Remember, first of all, we need to know which memory card we are buying. There are 4 categories of memory cards.

  • SD Standard (up to 2 GB)
  • SDHC Standard (over 2GB to 32GB)
  • SDXC Standard (over 32GB to 2TB)
  • SDUC Standard (over 2TB to 128TB)

Of these four types, the number four has not yet hit the market but will come soon. However, the second and third types are now available in every mobile shop in the market. Since the first numbered SD is less GB, it will fit easily in any gadget or mobile. Nevertheless, the second and third numbered memory cards only work on devices that support it. That is, the SD card must compete with the device; otherwise, it will work for a while.

Therefore, you should search the model number of your mobile in Google and check the information about the card slot. Now in the specification, in some card slots, the memory card mentioned by name, such as Micro SDXC, meaning your mobile can run up to 2TB of SD card, and in some card slots, up to 254 GB or up to 64GB written. So once you see the specification of your mobile, whether your mobile is able to withstand the storage volume of more SD card or will take out in a few days.

Memory Card Speed

Now comes the numbers are written on the memory and a few words that very few people will know about. First memory class, whenever you buy memory you will see C2, C4, C6, C10 written on it. The writing speed mentioned that if it is a card with C2, it will be able to write a minimum speed of minimum 2 megabytes and if it is C10, it will be able to write at least ten megabytes per second. Similarly U1 and U3 Also written on the memory card, it also shows the seconds at the right speed. A number like V10 to V90 or something like that written V. It’s actually written about the video class of how many megabytes (10 to 90) your memory card plays at a speed of one second.

There is a lot more like this written on the top of the memory card but the post will be quite long if all the details are explained and anyway nowadays every kind of thing whether it is a real or fake memory card, both of them are exaggerated. While the reality is the opposite.

By the way, we are not in favor of memory card, the reason is that, no matter how good the quality or the company, once it becomes corrupt, and then the data without recovery software will not come back. Moreover, for that, you need a computer or Laptops that require recovery software (many with cracked versions that will recover 30 or 40 percent of the data but will also kill your computer/laptop window) Official Recovery Software It is very expensive. Which usually purchased in annual installments.

So believe me, stop messing with these memory cards. However, if you want to get a memory card, it is better to avoid online ordering and buy Samsung or Sandisk from a good shop or mall yourself. Both the companies send the memory card to the market only after passing the test process. In addition, the read and write speeds that written on these memory cards are almost the same as the original mention.

Cloud Storage

Anyhow, if you just want to save your mobile data, there are many clouds available on the App Store such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Get space or one of the few other cloud downloads from the Google Play Store and enter your ID in them. You can save as much heavy data as you want by registering. No fear of losing data in case of mobile breakdown, no daily hassle of memory card, no crying for data loss when changing mobile. All you have to do is remember the registered ID and its password and in return, your data will be safe for life. If there is any more question, ask from us.


The memory card does not deteriorate unless it is scratched or broken. There is a wave of moisture on it, so scratch the memory card lightly with a blade, then lightly clean it, then put it in the mobile.

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