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How Bicycles Sales in the United States Multiplied?

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How Bicycles Sales in the United States Multiplied in Coronavirus?

Bicycles are one of the most sought after items in the United States during the Coronavirus crisis. This simple means of riding is activating frozen business life. The Brooklyn Bicycle Company of New York has sold six times more bicycles this year. Three-quarters of cycles sold in a chain of stores in Phoenix. The half-century-old shop in Washington, D.C., had sold all of its bicycles by the end of April and had received more future orders than it had in the past 50 years.

Cycling Sold Percentage

The New York Times Sales of bicycles and spare parts in the United States doubled in March from a year earlier, the source said. Fitness bikes sold 66 %, leisure bikes 121 percent, children’s bicycles 59 %, and electric bikes 85 percent more this month. By the end of April, most stores and distributors had run out of low-cost goods. The United States is currently facing a shortage of new bicycles, as orders for bicycles from abroad have been delayed. Many bicycles sold in the United States made in Asia. However, their imports have fallen since 2018, as President Trump raised tariffs on Chinese products and many bicycle parts made there. Bicycle imports have dropped 25 percent in 2019 and 30 percent this year.

Bicycle stores in the United States that have booked orders will be able to fulfill them in June and July. You may have to wait until August for a bicycle for less than a thousand dollars. People who don’t want to wait are buying used bicycles on the Internet. In the United States, a typical new bicycle cost for 400 to 700 dollars. Nevertheless, leisure bikes and mountain riding bicycles can cost thousands of dollars. The increase in demand for bicycles is due to business closures and homestays. The gym is closed. People are also afraid to travel on public transport. In this situation, cycling is a safe, low cost, and healthy way to travel. Experts and transport officials expect the cycling trend to continue after the crisis subsides and the situation returns to normal.

In April, New York officials announced that the 100-mile road would be for pedestrians and cyclists only. Opening these roads likely to permanently close to traffic. Auckland plans to close 10% of its roads to cars. Seattle will permanently close its 20-mile roads. Cycling is less common in American society than in Europe. Less than one percent of New York’s population cycles. The city in the United States that has the most cycling in Portland. However, even there, only six percent ride bicycles. Half of the population in Copenhagen, Denmark, uses bi-cycles for office and school.

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