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Books, Manuscripts, And Documents Worth Millions Of Dollars

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Books, Manuscripts, And Documents Worth Millions Of Dollars

In major cities of Asia, old books sold on the sidewalks or stalls are set up on holidays. There are a few shops where only old books are available. However, in Western countries, it is big business, and old bookstores have the same chain as restaurants or clothing stores. Ancient manuscripts or Books signed by famous people are available at a modest price. However, such books regularly auctioned in the United States or Europe and sometimes cost more than diamond jewelry.

Best Selling Booksbooks

So far, 13 books, manuscripts or other documents auctioned for more than 10 million. They are all hundreds of years old and bought by buyers, not for investment but to store in their library.

Book of Mormon

The most expensive best-selling book in history is the Book of Mormon, published in 1830 by Mormon. Written by Joseph Smith, founder of the Sect and Latter-Day St. movement. In September 2017, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints bought it for 35 million. James Smith claimed to have included in this 72-page book the writings of the prophets who preached on American soil thousands of years ago. This is the only surviving version of his book that owned by the Church of the Independence of the State of Missouri since 1903.

Letter of Zeng Gong

A letter from Zeng Gong, a writer, and historian of nine hundred and fifty years ago, sold for 31.7 million in May 2016 in China. Chinese billionaire businessperson and film producer Wang Zhongjun bought it. Zeng Gong belonged to the Song Dynasty, which ruled China for three centuries. In the case of this letter, only one of his writings remains. He wrote the letter to a friend.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Notebookbooks

Third is Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook, which contains his handwritten scientific writings. This means that it is a 16th-century draft. Coincidentally, the notebook has always been in the possession of celebrities. It is now in the possession of Bill Gates, who acquired it in November 1994, after 17th-century Italian painter Giuseppe. 1st Earl of Leicester Thomas Cook and American businessperson Armand Hammer. Bought for 8.38 million. Today, it is valued at 553.1 million, making it the most valuable draft in the world.

Manga Carta

Fourth on the list is the original 1297 copy of the British Charter Magna Carta. It has been held in the past by British nobles and then by the independent US presidential candidate Ross Pro. US billionaire David Rubenstein for 1321.3 million bought it in December 2007. Its value has now risen to 50.5 million.


One of the most expensive manuscripts is Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, written between 1525 and 1535. It is a picture and Agha Faraq has enhanced it with painting. King Tahmasp of Iran presented it to King Saleem of the Ottoman Empire. It auctioned in April 2011 for 12.1 million. The first book to be published in the United States in the 17th century.

In addition to ancient copies of the Torah, the Gospel, and the Qur’an in about 150 books, manuscripts, and documents worth more than 1 million. Published works include Shakespeare’s plays, The Declaration of Independence of the United States, Acts of Congress, Abraham Lincoln’s Last Speech, the Manifesto of the First Olympic Games, Mozart’s Symphony Draft, and the agreement signed by the three founders of Apple.

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