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How Two-Step Authentication Made Use of Social Media Safer?

Two-Step Authentication
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Two-Step Authentication: How the use of Social Media Made Safer?

What is Two-Step Authentication and How to Use it?

According to experts, your social media account protected to some extent through the ‘Two Factor Authentication’ feature. What is Multi-factor verification or two-step authentication? Its a feature that allows a computer user to access this website or platform only after two or more proofs (or factors).

For example, to log in to the social media account, users have to enter the code given on the mobile phone along with their secret password. Social media platforms can ask the user things that only they know. Under this, users given an OTP (ie a one-time login code) by phone number or email. A one-time password sent to the user so no one can log in to this account without specifying it. It’s like going to an ATM to withdraw money. A customer must not only own the bank’s ATM card but also enter the PIN code number, which only the user should know.

No Suspicious Links Should Be Clicked

A consumer rights activist on the internet said that to secure their accounts on social media. In addition, users should change their strong password regularly and not enter it on any email or pages. Furthermore, separate account passwords must be different. In addition, He Said, “No suspicious links should be clicked”. Moreover says, that sometimes-special emails or messages sent to celebrities to target them so that their accounts can be hacked.

Finally, It’s hoped that by taking advantage of these cybersecurity tips. People will be able to prevent their social media accounts from being hacked in the future.

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