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Is Twitter Voice Notes Feature for iPhone Only?

Twitter Voice Notes
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Twitter Voice Notes Feature:

Will you be able to speak your tweets now?

People often complain that unlike social networking sites, Twitter is a social media app with limited features. Some users are not happy with the limits set by Twitter for expressing their feelings and thoughts. Like only 280 characters used in a tweet. Besides, before that, the number of these letters was only 140. Therefore, everyone from a big leader to the average user has to break his or her word into several tweets. Most users also report that they cannot say what they want to say because the tweet is too short.

Now with all this in mind, Twitter has introduced a new feature. Using it, people will be able to share tweets without writing anything. Nevertheless, how? Therefore, the answer is that Twitter has introduced a voice feature in which users can record their voices. That means you can now share tweets in your voice. This way user will not have to write anything and will be able to express their thoughts and feelings in an audio message.

Twitter Voice Notes, What will be its features?

You be able to record your voice for up to one hundred and forty seconds (140) in a voice tweet. Even then, if you can’t finish, the app will automatically create multiple tweets and share them as a thread.

When you’re done, you can share this tweet by clicking the button. People will be able to see your tweets on their timeline just like any normal tweet. According to Twitter, voice tweets still tested and are now available to specific users on the iPhone. However, the company says that in the coming weeks, all iPhone users will be able to use this feature. The corporation did not offer any data on when and how Android handlers will be able to tweet.

Is Twitter Voice Notes for iPhone Users Only?

Twitter has provided a voice tweet facility under the new feature; however, it is only for those users who are using the operating system ‘iOS’. Thus, only Apple users will benefit from this new feature. That’s why Android users are being ridiculed on social media and iPhone users are trying to demean them. It’s even easier to tweet, now record your voice, but how? Remember that tweeting in voice is just like tweeting words. After clicking on the compose tweet option, select the new icon there. You can record your voice by selecting the record button in all the given options. The duration of Twitter Voice Notes audio tweet is set at 140 seconds.

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