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Best Smart Gadgets Works Against You?

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1. How Best Smart Gadgets and Smart Devices work against you?

Modern machines make your daily life easier, but services run on best smart gadgets and smart devices, such as lighting bulbs or using voice-controlled devices can also be a form of ‘domestic violence’.

Today, the lives of billions of people around the world have taken on a new shape in their homes. Flats and houses now confined to one place or room for them due to the lockdown of workspace, physical exercise, school space, and their living space.

It also means that many of us are now spending a lot of our time with modern devices, also called smart devices, which are connected to the Internet and which we use in our voice or on our phones, control through connected apps.

From virtual support from Amazon Alexa, Apple’s ‘Siri’ and Google Home besides smart bulbs, kettles, security camera systems, and thermostats, now called Internet Items or ‘IoT’, are controlling our lives.

Our household items are already capable of controlled by the Internet. These cool gadgets and smart devices are now capable of collecting our data on when we use these items and how we use other Internet-powered items at home.

2. How many smart devices and smart gadgets are operational?smart devices

In 2017, an estimated 27 billion devices used in various households, which we can call Internet goods. In terms of annual growth of 12%, the number of such items will reach one hundred and fifty billion by 2030.

3. What did Smart Devices and the best Smart Gadgets do?

The hope is that automating everything with ‘smart devices and best smart gadgets’ saves us time and energy. It’s not so hard to be able to enjoy the news from all over the world as well as with one of our voices, the bulbs going on or off, the thermostat going up or down to heat or cool our room to our desire.

4. What are the purposes of Smart Devices and Best Smart Gadgets?

The purpose of making these devices is to make our lives easier, save time, and keep us safe. Take a camera from the Internet that works with a doorbell that now attached to many people’s homes. These cameras let you know who is at the door and you can talk to them even if you are not at home at the moment or if you are, you are not at risk of the coronavirus.

5. Are smart devices and best smart gadgets are a threat to our lives?

These types of home automation devices reduce the risk of contracting the virus. According to ABI Research, a company that researches technology marketing in the world, sales of ‘smart devices and best smart gadgets ‘ expected to increase by at least 30% due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A director of the company says that a house with ‘smart devices and best smart gadgets’ will be safer.

However, some people say that these ‘smart devices and best smart gadgets’ that make our lives easier actually become a threat to our lives because these devices are also being made into domestic violence devices.

6. Domestic Violence with smart devices and best smart gadgets

Although there can be many forms of domestic violence and harassment, technology is providing new opportunities to harass, control, and harass the perpetrators. Especially a mobile phone that allows you to monitor the activities of a child or your spouse without their permission or knowledge.

7. How do companies track activities with smart devices and smart gadgets?

According to a 2018 research report from Cornell University in New York, experts who created software to monitor the activities of others knew that it could use in this way. When they asked 11 software companies, such as Find My Phone or Child Safety, if their programs could be used to track someone’s activities without their permission, Eight of them said they knew it could be used.

With the increase in the number of devices in our homes that can collect data or other information about our movements and residences, such as ‘IoT’ or ‘Internet of Things’, it is likely that this will create opportunities for domestic violence.

8. How to secure homes and private rooms?

Internet-connected home bells on which cameras are mounted create the ability to monitor from any part of the world with these cameras. Sensors on such bells also tell when someone left or entered the house. Automatic light bulbs, on the other hand, indicate when a person has entered a room.

Internet-connected home locks can prevent an occupant from entering a room; they can also prevent someone from leaving the home. If the data of voice-aided assistants opened to see when and by whom the order was given, the relationship between the occupants of a house can be strained.

All such systems also have an administration account that allows one person to control all devices via a password. If you combine all these aspects, you will see that the smartphone inadvertently gives one person the power to control the lives of another person or persons in that household.

9. How smart devices and smart gadgets are becoming tools of domestic violence?

Dr. Leonie Maria Tanczer, a researcher and lecturer at the University of London’s Gender and IoT Project, says: ‘ The University of London project is researching how smart devices and best smart gadgets are becoming tools of domestic violence.

“They make it on the supposition that these best smart gadgets and devices are being made for a typical family and assume that everybody who lives there is happy with their personal life,” says Leonie.

10. What if someone is collecting data and information?

Nevertheless, that doesn’t always happen. One such case in 2018, in which someone’s data collected using Internet content, resulted in an 11-month prison sentence. Ross Karen was convicted in a court of spying on his angry wife by collecting information from his wife through a tablet microphone on the wall to turn on and off the light bulbs in his living room and to warm the room.

When he heard his wife saying that she no longer loved him, he went to fight her on the doorstep of the house where they used to live together. “Oh, you don’t love me anymore,” he told his wife, according to the lawsuit.

After that, the situation between the two became even worse. Karen pushed his wife in front of her two children. He spat on the windshield of his car and insulted her.

The case is, unfortunately, a reflection of this type of domestic violence. Although domestic violence historically and traditionally viewed as physical violence, our perceptions of domestic violence are changing rapidly.

11. What Involves Domestic violence?

Following the introduction of a bill on domestic violence in the UK in recent days, Justice Robert Buckland discusses the bill, saying: From the attack to even more serious crimes, the true nature of domestic violence is incomprehensible.

It involves secretly controlling someone else’s situation or influencing another’s behavior by threatening to intimidate, and mildly harassing someone in such a way that at first, it seems that two equal people are at odds with each other. Living with but later, it was seen that one of them is controlling the other. Moreover, all this is happening against the permission or will of the controller. Such circumstances will show that those who come under such control are in fact victims of domestic violence.

12. What is Harassing with Technology?

Harassing others with technology is not limited to one’s activities or going somewhere. When smart technology allows different machines and devices in a house to control a person, it also deprives the rest of the people living in the same house of these powers.

Monitoring someone’s activities soon become a process of stalking someone. Moreover, when there was an invisible act until now, it becomes a concrete reality for the other and becomes a physical threat to it. In addition, it can often turn violent in angry moments.

13. What is Domestic violence?

One-third of women worldwide have experienced some form of violence from a close man living with them. Incidents such as psychiatric illnesses, miscarriages or low birth weights, or a weakened immune system against infectious diseases such as HIV remain.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, worldwide 38% of women killed by their current or former spouses.

“Domestic violence is like a local epidemic,” says Louise Howard, a professor of childbirth psychology at King’s College London. It’s far beyond people’s imagination. “

14. What children do if they see violence?

Like a virus, domestic violence spread by close contact. For example, according to a 2017 study published in Lebanon, children who see violence in their homes are three times more likely to grow up and abuse their spouses.

There are growing concerns that the measures being taken to protect people from the coronavirus are not inadvertently leading to a dramatic increase in domestic violence.

15. Is there any Domestic violence in the United States?

According to another report by the World Health Organization, its member states reported that in April last year, women received phone calls complaining of incidents of violence against them by men close to them. There has been a 60% increase over blacks.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has warned that if the lockdown continues for six months, there could be an additional 30 million cases of sexual violence worldwide. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called it a “terrible increase in domestic violence”.

Refugee, a UK-based charity, has reported 920 incidents of technology-related violence between January and August 2019. However, it is the only charity where women victims of violence seek help.

16. How Spouses use smart devices and the best smart gadgets to torture?

Charities working for women victims of domestic violence in the United States have reported that people who contacted them said that their spouses used devices such as smart thermostats and smart speakers to torture them. The room temperature rises suddenly. At night, all of a sudden, the music starts to resound with a lot of noise. The code on the front door of the house changes for no reason.

17. How does spy software work in the best smart gadgets?

According to cybersecurity expert Kaspersky, people who discovered so-called ‘stock ware’ (software that monitors what messages are coming and going, what other activities are). What is bothering them is that their use in the first eight months of 2019 increased by 35% compared to 37,000 incidents in the same period in 2018.

Besides, the increase was seen in their phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Many people are not even aware of the spy software installed on their gadgets.

18. Who helps victims of violence through technology in the UK?

In today’s world where there are a superfast internet and voice commands, there are opportunities to complain about the lack of helplines for women who are victims of technological violence. Are less Refugee is the only charity in the UK that has a team of its own to help victims of violence through technology.

Tanczer says most members of the charity are unaware of the meaning of Internet goods or ‘IoT’ or are unaware of how a smart bulb can cause harm.

Instead of helping the affected women, these charities may increase the nature of domestic violence. A common suggestion, for example, is to change your password if you suspect someone is watching you.

Nevertheless, in such a case, when his traveling companion finds out that the password has been changed, he will start to have more doubts and the animosity between the users of one account also increase.

19. What happens if you do not change your password after a breakup?

Likewise, not changing your password or leaving your old Internet account after a breakup can be dangerous. Harassment can continue for a long time, perhaps to find out what you are doing and what you are going to do next, or having an affair with someone else, and so on.

20. Amazon Echo and Google Home Hub

Tanczer says there is no one-size-fits-all guide for victims of IoT or technology violence to follow and stay safe. However, if someone calls or calls for help, their helper should not only be familiar with the latest software, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home Hub but also be able to understand whom they are referring to. Depending on the nature of the situation, the risk posed by them also estimated.

21. Is there any Center for women victims of violence in Australia?

A comparable method established in Australia. There, under the guidance of e-Safety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, the Australian Government has set up a system to help victims of all types of technology-related domestic violence as a center for women victims of violence. Talk to someone who understands IoT and has the latest information on the telephone.

22. Why Technology is constantly changing?

According to the latest technology, new legislation is not only a big challenge, but in many cases, those who are buying a new technology are not able to decide for themselves what is acceptable to this new machine.

“Technology is constantly changing and society is trying to keep up with the pace of change,” says Jason Nurse, a computer scientist at the University of Kent in England. If someone is reading a book in a room, most people will not go there and will just turn off the lights and leave. Why would you do that? However, in the case of IoT, you will remotely turn off the bulb with a single command and enjoy the mischief.

Repetition of such incidents can lead to complaints about equal relationships. “Typically there’s a situation after the little things are recurrent when you recognize I’m in an unhealthy relationship and it’s not a moral association,” says Tanczer.

23. If someone is the administrator of a Hear smart machine?

If one individual in a house is the account administrator of a Hear smart machine, he/she can use those machines to put pressure on another or to control it. If the heating system, dishwasher, washing machine, lock system in the house are not working properly then only one person can fix them. In a way, everyone in the house forced to depend on one person, because this system of dependence is enforced.

24. Thinks once that what are you bringing home?

Irina Brass, a specialist in regulation and invention science at University College London, says consumers should know what they are bringing home when they buy a machine.

“I think awareness at the moment is very low,” she says. Previously you had one gadget or at most two: your computer and your phone connected to the Internet. Now many machines in your home connected to the Internet. The issue of connectivity is not being discussed here and no one is trying to find out what kind of machine and what kind of connectivity they are bringing home.

25. Conclusion: The Final Words

Many of the smart devices we use at the moment are a bit dumb. Their main function is the ability to connect to anything else in the house via wireless. The label ‘smart’ is wrong for them.

That is likely to change. Now as the use of IoT systems artificial intelligence is increasing and automation is increasing, we all need to explain to what they do and ourselves how they used. Misuse can occur.

So in the end, we would say, don’t let yourself be controlled by someone or not to control anyone with smart devices and smart gadgets.

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