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Keto Diet and Its Effects on the Kidneys

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What is the Keto Diet and Its Effects on the Kidneys?

The Keto Diet is actually a Keto Genetic Diet, which is high in fat, adequate amounts of protein but low in carbs. According to experts, if a good diet plan is made, it uses 75% fat, 20% protein, and only 5% carbs. The main purpose of this diet is to reduce the use of carbohydrates (while remembering that these carbs are essential for our body because they are used as energy/fuel to do many things). In the Keto Diet, the human body cannot use carbs as fuel for various activities but instead has to use fat as energy or fuel. This process is called “ketosis” which starts within 3 to 4 days at the start of the Keto diet.

There are many benefits to the Keto-Diet, but the disadvantages of this “high-fat diet” are just as great. If Keto dieting is done for a long time, it starts to prove to be harmful instead of beneficial. This diet can harm kidney function. Initially, kidney stones form. Because more protein consumed after fat during this diet, this protein can cause more medical problems for people who already have kidney disease.

What Experts Says About Keo Diet?

According to experts, people eat more fat and protein during the keto-diet while limiting carbohydrate intake. People consume more red meat for protein during dieting, which increases the risk of kidney stones. At the same time, many people already have some kidney problems, but they do not know it, but when it strictly adheres to Keto dieting then the kidneys start to a negative effect on the functioning that is why the amount of acid and calcium in the urine increases.

Experts say that you should never follow the Keto-Diet for more than 45 days. Because it is the most difficult dieting that helps to lose weight fast. However, due to this, the amount of fat and protein in the body increases, due to the lack of carbs and other things, the organs of the body, especially the kidneys, begin to be damaged.

So be sure to consult an expert before following the ketogenic Diet. If someone does not have kidney problems, still do not follow the Keto Diet for more than 45 days; drink more water from the beginning to prevent kidney stones. If you already have kidney problems, do not try this diet at all, otherwise, a person may lose his life in the weight loss cycle.

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